03/12/19 12:36 2 min read

Ireland's Homeless at Home.

I call on homes most weeks in the constituency.

More and more of you are telling me of your adult children returning home again because they cannot afford to rent anymore and because they want to save for the deposit on a home for themselves.

At my clinics I have a stream of people who are waiting years on the Council’s Housing list. More and more the Council is relying on the private rented sector for houses that the Council will never own.

But these do NOT provide the security and stability for families for a lifetime. More and more the Council is buying houses in private developments, squeezing out first-time buyers who are saving every penny they can to get on the property ladder.

The Council is just not building enough homes on land it owns itself.

The Government’s Strategic Housing Development Scheme (SHD), designed to fast-track new homes, has resulted in planning applications for student accommodation, co-living units and high-density, high-rise build-to-rent accommodation, not suitable for families. Rental costs have ballooned and government policy is simply encouraging more of the same.

Fianna Fáil believes in subsidised, affordable housing for our young people, built on state land. We believe in affordable rents and insist that 30% of all new SHD applications are dedicated to first-time buyers.

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