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22/07/20 16:21 2 min read

Background CoVid 19 and its Impact on Traffic


CoVid 19 and its Impact on Traffic

CoVid19 resulted in a dramatic reduction in vehicular traffic in Dublin. The impact of that reduction in traffic on national emissions, is captured in the following report from UCC researchers in May 2020.

A report published in May 2020 by MaREI[1] gives policy-makers a clear insight into the impact on traffic and emissions as a consequence of CoVid 19. The report written by Vera O'Riordan and Hannah Daly, MaREI, ERI, School of Engineering, UCC, found the following:

Transport is responsible for about 40% of Ireland's energy-related CO2 emissions, twice the share of electricity. Now that we are all travelling for only essential reasons to prevent the spread of Covid-19, energy and climate change researchers are looking at what the impact of lockdown measures are on Ireland’s emissions.

…. traffic camera sites can give an insight into the traffic volumes, the demand for travel, the type of vehicles that make up the traffic and how volumes change over the course of days, weeks and years. Traffic camera data also tell us how much traffic has reduced after the key dates that travel restrictions were announced over the past few weeks.

[1] The world-leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork. MaREI has over 200 researchers across 12 partner institutes in Ireland working with over 50 industry partners focusing on the energy transition, climate action and the blue economy.

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